18 Dic Hoy a las 16:30

Un programa para Radio Círculo de Bellas Artes, “Comunes”, que se empieza a emitir en directo este jueves, de 16:00 a 17:00 horas. De alguna manera es el programa “heredero” de lo que hacía antes la gente de Radio87mhz, “La Radio Libre”.
En el programa vamos a hablar de “cultura libre” pero en sentido amplio… y es que, como no nos pagan, vamos a innovar bastante en los contenidos, no nos queremos encasillar de antemano.
En el primer programa tendremos a un editor de AfterAll y a Marta Peirano. Para el segundo programa nos gustaría mucho entrevistarte a ti…

Postporno, política, industria del porno y el siempre odioso tema de la pornografía para mujeres. Después de la entrevista vuelvo a mi retiro del mundo en el Raval, que estoy escribiendo, por fin, algo que tenía que escribir desde hace mucho tiempo.

18 Oct Cinelabia, women-only movie club in Bombay

Today CineLabia invites you to Short in the Dark, a special package of short films, selected with an intention of foregrounding issues of sexuality and gender. All women welcome!

Synopsis :
From Germany Marie Vermeiren, brings us three films, What are we Doing Tonight (7 min 2002), No Way (22 min 2003) and I Wanna be a Butch (3 min 2003). Vermeiren’s films centre on a group of women who believe in public intervention and action. What are we doing…is a stylistic take on a poster campaign that a group of feminist women in jackets and caps perform under the cover of night, while No way is a mini documentary on a highly successful campaign against rape and domestic violence, done on paper bags with the help of local bakeries in a small town in Germany. I Wanna be a Butch is a humorous rip-off on ‘butch identity’ and ‘bonding’ among women who take over the usually male ritual of beer and billiards.

The second is a collection of smutty and subversive films (2 minutes each) by a group who were called Girls Who Like Porno, from Spain. The shorts talk of consensual sado-masochism, alternative pornography and performance (My Grandmother’s Striptease).

Last but not least, we have our very own Indian video artist and photographer Tejal Shah who will share her latest short: There is a Spider Living Between Us (6 min / colour & b/w / sound / 2008) It is an experimental short that considers the desire of two to become one, using still frame animation photo-collage, and autobiographical diarist mode. We journey through layers of language and lesbian sexuality. Her second short, Chingari Chumma (colour/ sound/ 8 min 2000) is a satirical role reversal of the daaku and hasina who get into a situation that even Amitabh Bachchan cannot get them out of. Tejal Shah will be present to discuss her films.

When? On 18th October 2008, at 6.30 pm
Where? Majlis Cultural Centre – Flat 1 – Christina Apartments – Police Chowki lane – Kalina Market – Santa Cruz (E)

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