Maternidades subversivas

16 May Transgender dad

I am a transgender parent and a gay man. I was born female but transitioned to male in my early twenties by taking testosterone and having male chest-contouring surgery. These changes made me feel comfortable in my own skin and happy enough to settle into a loving relationship with my partner, Ian. When we decided to start a family, we consulted my doctors, who felt that I could safely become pregnant after stopping my testosterone treatment.

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16 May Loba matriarca

“Yo utilizo la palabra matriarca para hablar de una loba cuya personalidad establece la tónica de toda la manada”.

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16 May Las mamás y el sexo


In this guide, sex educator and filmmaker Madison Young satisfies the curiosity of any woman who has ever wanted to know how to negotiate sexual desires safely during pregnancy, learn how to embrace her inner pregnant sex goddess, and discover the ultimate sex positions for all stages of pregnancy. Improve your self-esteem and advocate for your own shifting sexual desires and fantasies within your relationship during pregnancy and beyond. In the pages of The Ultimate Guide to Sex Through Pregnancy and Motherhood, Madison illustrates and addresses these questions the only way she knows how – with the truth of her own experience as a mother, as a sexual adventurer, and as a sex educator.