01 May Postporno, polítiques queer y nous feminismes

Conferencia en la Facultad de Bellas Artes de San Carlos, Valencia, sobre postporno, políticas queer y nuevos feminismos. Fue el 21 de abril a las 18:30h en el Auditorio de la facultad.

Aquí estoy mostrando al público el último libro de Beatriz Preciado, Testo Yonki: “Frente al feminismo estatal, el movimiento postporno afirma que el Estado no puede protegernos de la pornografía, ante todo porque la descodificación de la representación es siempre un trabajo semiótico abierto del que no hay que prevenirse, sino al que hay que atacar con reflexión, discurso crítico y acción política.”

17 Mar Harsh realizations

Fotografía de Frederico Azevedo.

Saturn Conjunction Venus ,
activity period from end of October 2007 until beginning of August 2008.

Harsh realizations ***
This influence will have a strong effect on your relationships with others. Relationships that are solidly based will go through a period of testing and examination during which you and your loved ones and friends will become increasingly concerned about what is valid between you. A weak and unstable relationship will go through the same process, but you are more likely to conclude that it is not worth preserving. Consequently, at this time the relationships that have no purpose or that have outlived their purpose in your life will be cut off. Often you will be reluctant to let go of them.

Even in the best of circumstances you are likely to withdraw from others. During this time you have to evaluate who you are, what your individuality consists of and how all of these fit into your relationships with other people, particularly loved ones. You may come to some harsh realizations about your relationships, and even those that you thought were quite good may have to be given up. But you can be sure that any relationship that comes through this period in good shape is very real and important to you.

New relationships with a strongly “fated” quality may also come into your life now, which will have very profound significance for you in about fourteen years.

This is definitely a time to be conservative in financial matters and not take on any new financial obligations, for you may have trouble meeting your existing ones. On the other hand, this is an excellent time for firming up and organizing the financial structure of your life.

In general you should look upon this transit as a time for withdrawing into yourself with respect to others and to material possessions. This withdrawal will enable you to get a clearer idea of what and who you are, so that your future relationships with people and possessions will be more solidly based on reality and therefore more reliable and useful.

end of 5 years relationship with PS
end of 5 years of Girlswholikeporno together with Águeda Bañón
end of 10 years friendship with Águeda Bañón

what are we supposed to do after all that we´ve been through
when everything that felt so right was wrong
now that the love is gone

david guetta
mtv india
palli hills hotel
mumbai, february 2008