Sunday, 15:45h, at Kino Moviemento


Sunday, 15:45h, at Kino Moviemento

So, I am performing tomorrow. Sunday, 15:45h, at Kino Moviemento, together with Jürgen and Ariel. You are very wellcome!

We live in 2.0 times. Interfaces are more and more interactive, and the commodities that shift and twist our lives are mostly platforms, designed as open sourced spaces that evolve through our uses. This era also creates its own unique version of sexuality: the ways our desires, fantasies and actual sexual encounters are occurring are also dependent on these DIY networks and the aesthetics they bring. In these online cruising spots, users simultaneously produce and consume porn. There is no distinction anymore between buying and selling, between private and public space, between porn star and porn spectator.

On the last day of the festival, we invite you to the “onlive” (online+live) event MEAT/ING IN THE INTERNET, an encounter with “Chatroulette” and “Manroulette”, two websites where people engage in sexual activities.

We will discuss these places, the possibilities they suggest and the sexualities they produce and incorporate live online interaction with random partners. People who want to take part in it are welcome to participate, as this is not a “presentation” or a “show” but rather an opportunity to cross the borders between private and public spaces, between masturbation and love making, and between exhibitionism and voyeurism.

The event will be moderated by theater/performance artist Ariel Efraim Ashbel (ISR), post-pornographer and co-founder of Maria Llopis (ESP) and Porn Film Festival Berlin founder Jürgen Brüning (D), and will feature some guest appearances, and you!

Pornfilmfestival Berlin » MEAT/ING IN THE INTERNET So 30.10. 15:45h.

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