A brand new guide for the motherhood of tomorrow

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StPolten, Austria, 28 de marzo de 2019.

SPOKEN WORD performance


A brand new guide to the motherhood of tomorrow.


1.- Women, men, gender hackers and any person with a uterus will bear babies. Motherhood will be a universal and inclusive concept.

2.- Motherhood will be the ultimate sexual state of the bodies.

(Oxytocin will run wildly)

Pregnancy, birth and breast feeding will be considered sexual states of the human body.

When a body is pregnant, genitals and erogenous areas, such as the nipples, get swollen and become extremely sensitive to sexual stimulation. In the motherhood of the future, every body will be allowed to feel the sexual ecstasy of pregnancy. And everybody will be able to achieve orgasmic births. Oxytocin, the hormone of love and sexual pleasure, will run freely through our veins, as there will be no fear.

Oxytocin is the most necessary hormone when giving birth and also to activate the milk ejection reflex when breastfeeding. Unfortunately, it´s a shy hormone, and under fear or stress, vanishes. But the years or oppression against our uteruses are over and we will be provided with a high supply of oxytocin so that birth and breastfeeding are orgasmic.

3.- Ectogenesis, and any means of artificial wombs, will be dismissed, as biological motherhood will be linked to extreme sexual pleasure.

In the new post-capitalist world, artificial wombs will be the trash of ancient markets.

4.- Parthenogenesis will be a reality in humans. Parthenogenesis is reproduction from an ovum without fertilization of any kind, i.e. a pregnancy without male intervention of any kind. It usually happens when the female has no access to males: there are multiple examples to be found in zoos around the world where females are kept in solitary conditions.

In ancient Greece there were wise women, trained since childhood, who were able to practice parthenogenesis at their own will. They were called Parthenos. Parthenos -of any gender- will be the powerful women of tomorrow, women who master their sexuality and their reproductive power without limits.

5. Families will no longer consist in biological mothers and fathers. Biological bonds will no longer matter. The only biological link considered of any importance will be the maternal one, no matter if the egg is hers or not.

Fathers and MaPas -gender dissidents parents- will parent the children of their sisters and the children of the community. Biological parenting will no longer concern men.

6.- The motherhood of tomorrow will look back at ancient wisdom, like the story told by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá in their book Sex at Dawn:

“When Paul Le Jeune, French Jesuit missionary in French Canada in XVII, talked about the dangers of depraved infidelity to an indian, he got a good lesson on parenting. The missionary told the indian that it was not all right that their women loved other men, as it often happens amongst them. He explained him that in that way, he could not be sure of being the father of his son, who was present. The Indian replied: “You say silly things. You french people only love your children, but we love all the children of our tribe.”

In the motherhood of tomorrow we will look after all our children, regardless of biological bonds.

7.- We will respect, honor and cherish the mother-baby bond as the authors Jean Liedloff and Casilda Rodrigáñez explain in their books. Breaking the important mother-child bonding time, where mother and baby stay together breastfeeding and having skin to skin contact, is breaking the new born´s confidence in unlimited love and food supply and is therefore a good training for becoming a soldier and a slave. But in the motherhood of the future, we will be trained to live in an abundance of love and natural resources.

Society will naturally move towards a more eco-friendly state. There will be no need to be greedy anymore as there will be an abundance of love and milk. We will understand life as a production of desire and no longer as a resignation or “lack of”.

(Producción deseante versus resignada carencia, as stated by Deleuze and Guattari in 1972)

8.- Gender queer parenting will be the new normal. We will raise our children with no gender limitations. The male/female binary will no longer exist. The genitals of our newborns will no longer determine gender. Gender will be an ulterior performative option in the life of a human being.

9.- The children of tomorrow will be intersex. Intersexuality is a condition where babies are born with genitalia that do not conform to the male/female binary. Due to 19th century pollution, there will be an increasing number of intersex children being born. Nowadays intersexuality constitutes 1,7% of the population, the same percentage as red-haired people, but this percentage will raise sharply due to chemical hormone disruptors exposure. Most future generations of newborn children will have intersex genitalia.

Gender assignment will definitively become obsolete.

10.- The well-being of our offspring will be the primary concern of society, as will the well-being of pregnant people. The Spanish author Casilda Rodrigáñez writes that a new world will arise when the well-being of our children becomes our primary goal instead of money or power.

Based on the aforementioned points, it is my firm belief that in tomorrow´s world, society will most certainly transform itself into a new post-capitalist, gender-queer Matriarchy.