Feminismo y transfeminismo


21 Mar Como insultar a una feminista

Me han dedicado un cartelito lleno de insultos… La tipa que lo ha hecho se ha visto el vídeo de Concha y Almeja seguro! Da en el clavo!

En lo único en que patina es en lo de buena cuna. Mi padre era recogedor de naranjas… y mi padre biológico un violador que se metió a cura para salir de la miseria! Eso sí, mi padre era un hombre maravilloso, lleno de amor y bondad. Y mi madre un ser mágico, perdido en otro mundo. Y mi abuela, pues la hostia.

En fin, que el Show show Loco lo rompe. A seguir aprendiendo.


10 Mar It´s not a vagina, it´s a vulva!

Un estupendo artículo en Vice sobre la forma en la que nos referimos al coño. Particularmente es un tema que me toca mucho. Llamemos a las cosas por su nombre joder.

Maybe, at the end of the day, the word “vulva” is too clinical for you. No problem. How about “pussy,” “yoni,” or a list of other words? Personally, I’ve always gone the reclaiming route. I say “cunt.” The word “cunt” shares an etymological root with queen, kin, and country. Cunt shouldn’t be the most offensive word in the English language. Cunts are great! They should be celebrated, not denigrated. Don’t use the word “vagina” unless you’re talking about a vagina. Using the word “vagina” incorrectly obscures women’s sexual pleasure and continues the myth of The Mystery of Female Sexuality. Mysticism should not be confused with ignorance or censorship. Viva la vulva!


05 Mar Womyns’ Ware: Una tienda feminista de sexo en Vancouver

When and Why was Womyns’Ware founded, and What Do We Believe?

Womyns’Ware Inc. was founded in March 1995 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is a woman owned and operated business founded on the tenets of its original two co-owners, who established what they prefer to call a women’s sexuality business as a political statement. The founders share the belief that the most tangible link to the divine is sexual ecstasy, obtainable by all. They believe if people are more in tune and empowered sexually, the world will be a better place. Not just for individuals and their sexual partners but for everyone we come in contact with. People would be happier, healthier, and more clear in their needs and ability to communicate in all aspects of their lives.


That’s the whole point. If we had different backgrounds, perhaps we’d teach feminist studies, spray feminist slogans on sexist billboards, run for office or write a blog. With the backgrounds that we do have, we decided to create a retail environment to demonstrate what it looks like to celebrate and empower women’s sexuality. We see every advertisement that we run WITH OUT words like “girls girls girls, marital aids, or XXX”, every TV commercial during prime time, every mainstream sponsorship opportunity, our open shop windows located in the heart of a vibrant shopping district, and seat on the community business society as a political act. With every business-to-business, government-to-business, and consumer contact we insist that we can run a Women’s Sexuality business as if we were selling quality sporting goods (or any other common consumer good.)

Quiero ir. Hay algo confuso sobre su política anti porno, como si no hubiera pornografía feminista, pero aquí en Canadá son un poco raros con este tema. Visita su web here.


27 Dic When Santa was a woman…

The Roman writer Tacitus tells us that at midwinter the goddess Nerthus — whose name was synonymous with Mother Earth — rode a “sleigh-like wagon” pulled by oxen. Wherever she went, she spread holiday cheer and peace. “It [was] a time of festive holiday-making in whatever place she deign[ed] to honour.” Along with bringing holiday cheer, wherever Nerthus went, “nobody [went] to war, nobody [took] up arms.” [19]
“Eventually Nerthus was superseded by two goddesses, Freya and Frigg. At midwinter Freya was incarnated as Mother Christmas in rituals all over western Europe, touring the countryside in a wagon, though hers was pulled not by oxen but by cats. Later, her presence was represented by wise women who were possessed by her spirit. [20]”

There are loud echoes of Nerthus’ sleigh-like wagon in Santa’s sleigh. Of course the oxen (or cats!) became reindeer, and the sleigh now flies, but one thing remains unchanged in the millennia since Mother Earth was the central figure of Christmas. Wherever Santa goes, he brings holiday celebrations and (at least wishes for) peace on earth.