Wedding to the coal

Wedding to the coal

Wedding to the Coal from Elizabeth Stephens on Vimeo.

In Annie Sprinkle words:

Yesterday we edited our Wedding to Coal, which we did in Gijon, Spain (coal country) three years ago. It was produced by Laboral Arts Center, curated by Pedro Solar (our art pimp daddy extraordinaire) and happened in public space at La Semana Negra–a sort of county fair! We asked for no material gifts, but welcomed the gift of collaboration in creating the wedding with usDiana Junyent (Diana POrnoterrorista) is responsible for producing this once in a life time dream wedding! Spain artists are so wild and free and powerful and passionate! We were blown away. Many of our performers had family members who died in coal mines or were effected by mining, so there is a real intense emotional component to this performance, also the people in the audience were very moved as well. We welcome your feedback on this video. Does it come across well? Is 5 minutes too long? Did we leave anyone out?! With: Cuco Suarez,Maria Llopis, Pedro Soler, Jaime Del Val, Laura Milano, Amber McBride, Graham Bell Tornado, Jorge Nava, CasiCasiotone, and others. (Please forward and post to others who were there.) The full list of credits is at–search Wedding to Coal.

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