El 24 de octubre es el día internacional sobre intersexualidad

El 24 de octubre es el día internacional sobre intersexualidad

“INTERSEXionality: What Everyone Can Do to Build an Intersex-Inclusive Society”

Intersex people – or those who are born with a mix of biological traits traditionally considered “male,” “female,” and/or atypical for either – are largely not recognized by societies and are commonly misconceptualized as having medical conditions. It is still relevant to discuss the “basics” – what intersex means, why intersex bodies are considered “controversial,” and why we need to end non-consensual, cosmetic medical “treatments” still routinely performed on intersex children.

But in order to successfully build an intersex-inclusive society, we must move beyond 101-level concepts to address the diversity of experiences intersex people have that make us who we are and acknowledge the intersections between intersexphobia and other forms of discrimination.

Join intersex activists Hida Viloria, Claudia Astorino, and Dalea Rundblad at Bluestockings Bookstore to discuss how 1) intersex identity and experience intersects with race, class, sexual orientation, and gender identity, 2) how these intersections affect how intersex people are conceptualized, medically “treated,” and (not) protected via legislation at different levels in societies, and 3) what we can all do right now to create an intersex-inclusive societies.

With Q&A to follow, discussion encouraged – we look forward to seeing you there!

This event is proudly a part of NYC’s Annual Intersex Awareness Day (IAD) Events, 2014. Check out our other event at NYU, on Fri, October 24th (6-8pm), here >>>

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