Vera Rodríguez

Vera Rodríguez

Self Portrait by Vera Rodríguez.


When I first came to London in 2000, I arrived at a squat near Brixton where Spanish friends were living. I was completely disappointed with my experience as a journalist and I needed a job to survive. One of the girls in the squat said to me “Why don’t you come and work in a peep show in Soho, all you need to do is to dance naked in a sexy way. They pay cash in hand and you let them know your availability one week in advance.” After trying to get a job as an art room keeper at the Tate Modern and failing, I decided to give it a try. I never imagined that to ask for a job in the Adult Industry would change my life forever.

Three years passed and I was still working shifts in Soho. After taking a couple of introductory courses in photography I was accepted onto a Foundation Degree course in Professional Photography. Tired of moving from one evicted house to another squatted house, in a period where the authorities made it so difficult, four girlfriends and I decided to rent a big house in Streatham. We were all working in peep shows and some of us started to working in strip clubs to make some extra cash to cover the rent.

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