25 Dic Rated X

Este es el festival postporno de la temporada, en Amsterdam, el próximo enero. Rated X, Amsterdam Alternative Erotica Film Festival.

Mi selección, la del día 16: How to be a ‘real man’ in porn..

In what way is masculinity portrayed in pornography? Female objectification is usually taken for granted, but as views on sexuality change, views on the concept of masculinity are changing as well. How do experts from different backgrounds and fields deal with the concept of masculine sexuality?
-Jaap Kooijman (, filmrecensies)
-Ben Meade
-Lazlo Pearlman
-Buck Angel

y Sexual Politics for Dummies, también el 16:

In today’s society, sexual politics seems more important than ever. It provides guidance on how to deal with our own sexualities as well as helping us navigate within a broader political and social context. What role can sexual politics play in the current political climate? What do we mean when we talk about sexual politics anyway? An introduction to sexual politics with experts coming from both theory and practice.
Gert Hekma (UvA)
Ursula del Agiela (Frankrijk)
Tim Stuttgen (Berlin)

Con Tim Stuttgen, Lazlo Pearlman y Buck Angel… mis machos postpornográficos favoritos!