Una Caperucita en L´Alternativa


Una Caperucita en L´Alternativa

En L´Alternativa, otra caperucita subversiva:

La version du loup (Wolf’s Version)
Ann Sirot, Raphaël Balboni
Belgium, 2011
DVD | 10min. | French, Spanish | VOSE

Production: Frakas productions
Screenplay: Ann Sirot
Photography: Jorge Depicker
Editor: Nicolas Rumpl, Raphaël Balboni
Sound: Bruno Schweisguth
Actors: Ana Cambero Coca, Jean-Jacques Rausin

As in the traditional fairytale, Wolf longs for Little Red Riding Hood and disguises himself to get what he wants. The Little Red Riding Hood in this version, however, is rather mischievous…

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