Maternidades Subversivas in english

maternidades_201-188x300Maternidades subversivas is a book about motherhood as a sexual state, about pro-sex feminism and motherhood, about queer-trans-parenthood, about children´s sexuality, gender queer parenting, trans-hack-feminist parenting, about capitalism and motherhood, matriactivism, matriarchy and ecosex.
It has been published by Txalaparta in 2015.
It has been listed as one of the ten best political books published in Spain in 2015.


This book has 18 interviews to parents (biological and non biological) and also to people who are not parents but have a lot to say about subverting parenthood. This is the list of people I have interviewed and the themes we talked about:

Sarri Wilde (Orgasmic birth. Motherhood as a sexual state of the bodies). Ana Álvarez-Erreclade (Creating art and bearing children). Alicia Murillo (Parenting and capitalism). Del LaGrace Volcano (Intersexuality and Gender queer parenting). Madison Young (Pro-sex Feminism, postporn y motherhood). Erick Huma (Trans* parenting). Mad Kate (Gender queer co-parenting). Poussy Draama (Children´s sexuality. Miscarriage and DIY GYN). Pabla Pérez San Martín (Natural Gynecology and traditional midwifery). Klau Kinki (Trans-hack-feminist motherhood. Origins of gynecology). Esther Massó Guijarro (Lactivism). Jesusa Ricoy Olariaga (Matriactivism). Bárbara Iserte (Shared breastfeeding). Helena Torres (Sexuality and motherhood). Roberta Artavia (Love, feminism and motherhood). Fannie Sosa (De-colonialism and motherhood. Parthenogenesis). Anne Ionoff (Matriarcal societies nowadays). Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens (Ecosexuality, motherhood and ecofeminism).


About the author:
María Llopis (Valencia 1975) has a B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Valencia (1998) and Master in Audiovisual Animation from Unviersitat Autonoma de Barcelona (2000).
Her work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions, live art festivals and video programs, including Artivistic, Montreal (2009), Volte Gallery in Bombay (2010), the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid (2011), Aubin Gallery in London (2012) or Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco (2012).
In the course of her professional career she has imparted many workshops on art and feminism at art centres like Hangar and Arteleku in Spain, the City of Women Festival in Ljubljana (2007), the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (2008) or the Festival Panorama in Rio de Janeiro (2011).
From 2004 to 2007 she was an active part of the multidisciplinary collective «Girlswholikeporno», which carried out projects internationally, including an audiovisual performance presented at Sónar, Barcelona’s International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art (2004).
She has also imparted lectures on new representations of sexuality in art at several spanish universities, at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (2010), and at the Post Porn Politics Symposium in Berlin (2006). Her book El posporno era eso was published by Melusina (Barcelona) in 2010. She has just published the book Maternidades Subversivas with Txalaparta in 2015.


About the translation of the book title, Maternidades Subversivas:

One posible translation of the tittle would be Subversive Parenthood/parenting, though Subversive Motherhood would be also an option. I use the word “Maternidades”(Motherhood) as an inclusive universal parenting concept, but I don’t know if it would work in english because we already have the umbrella expression Parenthood. Some of the english speaking people I interview in the book use the term “MaPa” to define their parenthood. Perhaps Subversive Ma-Parenthood would be a third option.


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