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19 Ago Taller de tetas

What a strange relationship we have with our boobies!
We judge them so harshly–they’re too big, too small, too saggy, the nipples are too big, the nipples are too small, the nipples are too dark, they’re different sizes, they have stretch marks, they used to be this, they used to be that.
The goal of this workshop is to realize how beautiful they are in all their different variations and to appreciate that our boobies are as diverse as we are. We are shamed about our boobies, our vaginas, our bodies, our periods, our skin, our hair–and while much of that stems from external influence (aka patriarchy/white supremacy/capitalism), we as women have unfortunately internalized it a great deal. I hope my work and workshops will be a catalyst for us reclaiming healthy relationships with ourselves and our bodies. We’ve done vaginas, now it’s time for the boobies!
Unlke the #VaginasonFleek workshop, this will not be recorded. You have to be live and willing to be seen to register. Anyone who identifies as a woman can participate, including those of you with implants (would love some dialogue around this and to debunk the shaming of fake boobs). I would also love at least one participant who has survived #breastcancer to add to the dialogue about what it feels like to loose a boob–might help us be better to the ones we’ve got.
The VIRTUAL ? workshop will include:
Drawing our boobs
Showing our boobs
Discussing our boobs
And I’d love to have someone who knows about #mammograms show us how to do them. Also someone who has knowledge on the health benefits of wearing or not wearing bras! I will be looking for folks to speak on these things but if you are an “expert” or know one-please let me know.
So tag/grab a friend, some colored pencils, some wine and your boobs- and let’s get free!
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08 Jul Kate Bolick

¿Qué otros datos le llaman la atención?

La cantidad de solteras que deciden convertirse en familias monoparentales. He entrevistado a muchas y me ha sorprendido lo felices que se declaran. Gloria Steinem ya lo predijo en los años setenta: “Nos estamos convirtiendo en los hombres con los que nos hubiera gustado casarnos”: realizadas, independientes, cariñosas y felices.

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